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Phlebotomy Technician 1 (PT 1)


This course was developed for the non-licensed professional who wishes to learn safe and effective methods of venous blood collection. The course covers a review of the basic anatomy & physiology, laboratory terminology, legal complications, safety factors, potential complications and preventive measures, psychological and physical preparation of the subjection, choice of venipuncture sites, types of devices used, types of collection tubes, order of draw, the appropriate technique of performing a venipuncture, universal precautions, and the appropriate handling and care of the collected specimen. A total of 40 hours didactic, 58 hours practical with 25 skin punctures and 50 successful venipunctures need completion in order to qualify for certification and to take the state board. These make up basic and advanced phlebotomy as described below.

Job Opportunities:

  • Acute Care Hospital
  • Physician's Clinic
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Diagnostic Clinics

  • Must pass an entrance examination for Reading Comprehension
  • Official high school transcript/GED Equivalency transcript to be sent to Dept. of Health Services (Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by or
  • Health Clearance (Physical Exam, TB Test & Hepatitis-B Vaccination)
  • CA ID/Driver's License
  • Two (2) 1" x 1" pictures and four (4) 2" x 2" pictures

Content Hours

  Basic Advanced Total
Lecture 20 20 40
Laboratory/Clinical 16 42 58


36 62 98

Training Period:

1 month (4-5 weeks)1

Sat & Sun (Lecture)2

Mon-Fri (clinical)3

(14.5 days) 98 hours

9am-5pm / 8am-6pm


1 Completion depends on laboratory/facility availability

2 Lecture hours and clinical hours depend on instructor and laboratory availability, respectively

3 Clinical hours depend on laboratory/facility availability.  In excess of the required 16 clinical hours for Basic and 42 clinical hours for Advanced, student will be charged $5.00/hour for Basic Phlebotomy and $10.00/hour for Advanced Phlebotomy


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